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“Once a Thief” to be in an anthology

My short story “Once a Thief” from the Aug-Oct 2008 issue of Sorcerous Signals (from WolfSinger Publications) has been chosen for the year end anthology.  I’m looking forward to my second short story coming out in print!  While I believe very strongly that web-zines and e-books are the way of the future, I’m still a bit sentimental about old fashioned  print.  Even better, my friends Merc and Marva also have stories in the anthology.  I can’t wait for it to come out!  I’m going to need to send a copies to all my relatives.  Yes, I’m one of those sorts of people.

Still, with such wonderful news, I’m inspired to send out more short stories and novel queries for my other work.  Not even rejection can get me down today.