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Sylvania: New Arrivals Start Up Businesses

Sylvania 1Last fall Sylvania opened up it’s boarders to allow a wave of new arrivals, fresh from Korea. Two families arrived, the Kangaroos and the Hamsters, and one young kitten by herself. Most of Sylvania was thrilled by the new additions, particularly Ms. Cat who was excited to meet her young niece for the first time. “I’ve got a picnic planned first thing for the two of us,” she told the Sylvanian Times. “Even better, the park has a brand new children’s bathroom, also from Korea.”

“It’s about time our park had new facilities,” Mayor Oak Raccoon said. “These are state of the art, clean and safe especially for our children.”

Other members of Sylvania were less enthusiastic. “Couldn’t we have gone with a local company for the park restroom? We need to be investing in local business,” said Mr. Duck.

Most of the town gathered though to greet the new residents. “I just want to welcome everyone and show them what a great community we are,” said Mr. Chocolate Rabbit. “My children are eager to make new friends, and so are the adults.”

“I think diversity enriches our community,” said Mrs. Elephant. “I’m eager to learn some new recipes from both the Hamsters and the Kangaroos.

Not everyone however felt the size of the celebration was warranted. “I don’t see what the big deal is,” complained Mrs. Brown Bear. “We were all made in China. Who cares what country we were purchased in? I think this encourages prejudice under the false label of diversity.”

Hop for Pizza

Sylvania 3Despite just arriving, the Kangaroos are wasting no time in opening up a new business in Sylvania–the Hope for Pizza restaurant. It might seem a strange choice but the Kangroos are happy to explain. “While you don’t necessarily think pizza when you think Korea, let me assure you there’s plenty of pizza in Korea,” Mr. Kangaroo said. “My teacher was an Italian rabbit, so I know pizza inside and out, but over the years pizza has become a truly international cuisine.” Mr. Kangarooo suggests trying their special sweet potato pizza. “It’s a great Korean specialty that I think could really catch on here in Sylvania.”

“In Korea, pizza is always served with pickles,” Mrs. Kangaroo added. “I’d challenge people here to try it. It’s far more delicious than the raw tomato slices people serve it with here.” The Kangaroos still offer such Sylvanian classics as pepperoni, cheese, and Canadian bacon pizza, along with extra tomato for those who still like them.

No Paw Left Behind

Sylvania 2The Hamsters, the other newcomers, have also arrived with their very own new business–a shoe shop. The small store is currently right next door to Hop for Pizza, with both families going in on housing to get started, but everyone is hopeful that the new year will soon see them expanding. “Looking around, I see a lot of bare paws in Sylvania,” said Mrs. Hamster. “I think our shoes will be greatly appreciated. We have a wide range of styles currently stocked with my husband working away on yet more great footwear.”

Many residence, like Mrs. Badger are enthusiastic. “My daughter and I have both wanted shoes for ages,” she said. “And my husband will be pleased to finally have work boots.”

Her son, Wintergreen Badger however had other ides. “Who needs shoes? I’d rather have pizza.”

Either way, both new businesses will brighten Sylvania’s future.


Sylvania: Unnatural Disaster Strikes Again

Sylvanian disasterOutpost House Set Up Only to be Decimated

This weekend a small section of Sylvania was removed from storage and set up in a house acquired during the move.  A few select residents were hopeful their friends and family would soon join them only to be shocked when a young child arrived to play with them.  Total chaos ensued as residents were stripped of their clothing and forced into outfits that didn’t fit them.  Furniture was scattered everywhere and left in a pile on the floor and non-resident troll dolls were mixed interchangeably with Sylvanian residents.

“Whatever Toy Story promotes, getting played with is not something I’ve Sylvanian residentsmissed,” Grandmother Gray Rabbit complained.  “I do not equate scratches, scrapes, and nakedness with love.” “My custom clothing was destroyed,”  bemoaned Mr. Brown Rabbit.  “These were carefully handmade items that are irreplaceable. I demand compensation.” Plans to sew new outfits are in motion, but residents fear this is far too little too late.  “I don’t expect anything that equals what I’ve lost,” Mr. Brown Rabbit explained.  “Especially my felt black hat.”

Not all residents were discouraged.  Young Bill Gray Bear shrugged off the loss of his over stretched vest and broken overalls.  “My stuff was really lousy.  I was on the list for new clothes anyway.  And I had fun playing.”

the other residentsPrejudice Investigated in Play Terror Incident

Mrs. Maple Town Raccoon in the wake of the child’s departure has filed a discrimination suit against the owner of Sylvania.  “While Maple Town residents make up a small section of the population of Slyvania, my two daughters, Matthias Mouse, and I were picked out of all of Sylvania, along with Mrs. Cat, of another brand, while only four actual Sylvanians were thrown into this situation.  Obviously the owner cared less what happened to us than to other residents.  This is not a privileged but a crime!”

“All four of us have been deeply scarred and scraped over the years, myself in particular,” Grandmother Gray Rabbit added.  “No new or previously before unplayed with residents were subjected to this indignity!  There is definitely a biased against those of us who have already been abused.”

No comment was available from the owner.

Trolls Speak UpTroll family

Four classic troll dolls and Simba from the “Lion King” were also given temporary residence  in the house and joined in the play-tastrophie.  However, they had a very different view on the matter.  “I was always a collector’s item,” Mama Troll said.  “Being played with his an honor and we all had a blast.”  “We just love having our clothing taken on and off. It’s made to be taken on and off,” chorused the Pink and Purple Troll twins.  “I think the Sylvania’s are making this into a far bigger deal than it is,” offered Paddy Troll.  “It’s all very well for him,” responded Mr. Brown Rabbit.  “His shoes are permanently attached!”

When asked to comment on the whole situation, Simba’s only thought on the matter was, “I just can’t wait to be king.”

Sylvania: Into Storage and a New Clothing Program

ShowhouseFurther Unnatural Disaster Decimates Sylvania

A casualty to the unnatural disaster of unemployment, the town of Sylvania was obliterated last month.  Residences packed up and all housing was carefully boxed up.  “We’re crushed and disheartened,” said Mrs. Calico Cat said, before packing up her kittens into one of the fabric lined boxes set aside for residents to go into storage.

“Sylvania will be back, as soon as we find a new location,” Promised Mayor Walnut Raccoon, but some residents are not so sure.  “While I’m sure Sylvania will be back eventually, I doubt it’s the owner’s first priority,” said Mr. Chocolate Brown Rabbit.  “We’re being very carefully packed up, this means possibly a long term wait.”  “There’s too many variables, we can’t count on a new town right away,” agreed Mr. Mint Badger.  “We have to be prepared for the worst.”  “Out of sight, out of mind,” grumbled Mrs. Apricot Beaver.  “We’re likely to get forgotten.”

Sylvania will not be complete out of sight though, as the oldest and most treasured house, that of the Raccoon family, and original founding residence of the town has been set up in on top of the owner’s dresser to keep the house safe and a piece of Sylvania around.  Mayor Walnut Raccoon would not comment on the reasons for his family’s choice to continue to live in the house, but longtime friend Mr. Chocolate Brown Rabbit insisted, “The Raccoon were the original founders of Sylvania, and this has always been there house.  This is no surprised they were chosen.”

Showhouse livingroomClothing Program Keeps Select Group of Residents Out of Storage

A new program for Sylvania residents still without adiquate clothing was started in the wake of Sylvania’s move.  “We didn’t want people to have to wait through another moving process before finally getting the clothing they needed,” explained the program’s spokeswoman, Mrs. Blueberry Gray Bear.  “And thanks to Mrs. Maple Raccoon, members in this program have a place to stay while awaiting clothing.”showhouse kitchen

Six residents were chosen for the program, Mr. Tragic Bear, Breeze and Sandy Gray Rabbit, Alex Gray Bear, Royal Grizzly Bear and Amanda Tan Bear.  They will live with the Raccoon family in the showcase home, awaiting either brand new clothing or repairs on existing clothing.

“I’m really excited,” said Breeze Gray Rabbit.  “My skirt doesn’t fit right and my shirt was really badly made.  I can’t wait to have a brand new dress.”  Alex, youngest of the group admitted to being nervous about living away from his family.  “I kinda miss Mom and Grandma, but I’d really like new overalls like my brother got last year,” he admitted.  “Walnut and Sandy are really nice to me, so I’m starting to feel at home.”  “It’s great to have friends staying with us,” said Clover Raccoon.  “I’m so excited.  Breeze, Amanda, and I have so many great plans.  I just wish I was getting a new dress as well.”

showhouse bedroom

“It’s a joy to have the children and Tragic staying with us,” said Mrs. Maple Raccoon.  “I can’t wait to see their new clothes.”

This Month in Sylvania: Delayed Holidays Irk Residents

New Housing Eases Homeless Crisis

After months of delays, substantial shelving arrived last month in Sylvania as housing.  Temporary homes, two families per a shelf, were set up, including newly acquired vintage plastic furniture.  The lime green bathroom set and seventies style chairs fit with the shelf’s bright orange color.  “It’s exciting to finally have a place to sit down and eat, a place to put the children to bed.  We’re grateful to have an apartment here,” said Mrs Yolanda Bear.

Not all residents were so upbeat about the development though. “It’s a hideous dated monstracity,” complained Mrs Celeste Elephant. “Its shelves are too tall for one story, not tall enough for two.  Families live cramped together with no walls.  Housing like this only encourages poverty.”  “This is a start,” Wintergreen Badger added, “but there’s still people homeless or living in cardboard boxes like my own family.  The city needs to step up efforts. It’s unacceptable.”

“We’re making an effort to get every family a home this winter,” Mayor Oak Raccoon announced Saturday to reporters. “The Orange Apartments are a big step forward, providing six new families with homes. So is the new fire station, offering temporary shelter to the homeless.  We’ve also acquired a small brown shelf which is soon to be fitted out as several more apartments. ”

Some residents were not reassured.  “Why is the city spending money that could be used on actual homes on a fire station?” demanded Ms Priscilla Guinea Pig. “I want a home, not a homeless shelter. It’s far too crowded and noisy an environment for my babies.”  “They have this new shelf, and what do they use it for?” complained Ms Claudia Cat. “And what do they use it for? Storing extra food and furniture? Three or four families could live there! More if they’d get their act together and put in a third shelf on it.”

Late Christmas Celebration Popular Only with Children

A delayed Christmas did not improve tempers.  “So our owner just goes off for a week’s vacation, leaving us without even a Christmas tree?  How’s that for justice?” complained Mr Chocolate Rabbit.  “The children were horribly crushed and disappointed ” Mr Tragic Bear, father of six orphans, lamented, “Everyone is disgusted.  Who is she? The Grinch?”

Despite complaints, a large crowd turned out for a delayed Christmas tree and the arrival of Santa Bear.  “Ho ho ho, a Merry New Year,” Santa Bear quipped, passing out toys to the children.

New Dentist Sets up Office

Expanded housing opened up a small business space for Dr Beaver to open up his dental practice, and none too soon for young Susan Squirrel who needed an emergency filling.  “We’re just relieved this happened now,” said Susan’s mother.  “Dr Beaver is always great with the children, of course he would have done his best at home, but a clean and sanitary office means our children can get the best care available.

Congratulations to Ms Cat

Ms Cat brought home two brand new kittens this Christmas. Samson and Delilah Cat were happily settled with their accompanied bedroom set, including bed, dresser, toy chest, toys, and diapers   “I’ve always wanted kittens!” an excited Ms Cat gushed. “I’m so proud.”


This Month in Sylvania

Unnatural Disaster Sets Back Housing

Over the summer crash cleaning for visitors resulted in a massive dumping of boxes in Sylvania.  The resulting clog set back housing development and building as well as the furnishing of existing apparents.  “We’re severly disapointed,” Mayor Oak Racoon said.  “We’re hoping for a recovery this month and a steady increase in progress.  Shelving investigations are in the works for future homes.”

While one my aunts is keeping an eye out for cheap shelves at the Goodwill Outlet store, not all Sylvanian residents are as hopeful as the major.  “The wind from the open window blew over our cardboard box home,” complained Mrs. Mouse.  “Now our things are scattered all over the floor and the junk pile and no one has cleaned them up.”  “Honest, we’re still homeless and a lot of folks are camping in the junk pile with us,” said Mr. Red Panda.  “Not enough has been done to make even temporary homes for us.”

Prior to the unnatural disaster and the resulting unreachable open window incident, a new shelf was installed on the west side of town. It’s four roomy shelves were turned into apartments for the Simba Bear family, the Brown Bear family, the Beaver family, and the Koala family.  The top shelf provided room for a bakery and the small crate home of the Mole Family.

Acorn Bakery First Shop to Open

Sylvania’s first store opened its doors last month, Acorn Bakery, run by Mr. and Mrs. Brown Rabbit.  Cookies, danishes, and cupcakes lined the windows of the small shop, purchased over the summer at Goodwill for 2.99.  While not technically Sylvanian but another off-brand, the small building fits remarkably well with the Calico Critter General Store, which is still under reconstruction due to damage while in storage.  The General store hopes to be able to open this coming month.

“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity,” gushed Mrs. Brown Rabbit.  “For us this bakery is a dream come true.”  The in-built oven on the wall of the bakery meant the Brown Rabbits could get directly down to business.  “If Acorn Bakery succeeds, this means big things for us,” said Mr. Brown Rabbit.  “I’d like to follow this up with getting first names, a house, and eventually baby rabbits for our family.  We’ve lots of wonderful nieces and nephews, but we’d like to establish ourselves as a full family in Sylvania.”

Mr. Salty Dog was the bakery’s first customer, along with the German Shepard twins.  “Who can resist a couple of fresh donuts when buying the week bread? We’re definitely coming back here!” said Mr. Dog.

Brown Bears Receive New Bathroom Set

Purchased at the miniature shop in Lincoln City, a brand new bathroom set was given to the Brown Bear family.  The set includes a tub, toilet, and sink.  The set looked to be about the right size for the Sylvanians but ended up being a bit large, and so was put in the Brown Bear’s apartment as they are some of the larger residents of Sylvania.

“Finally a tub I can fit in comfortably,” Mr. Brown Bear remarked.  “It doesn’t matter to us if we need a stool for the children to use the sink or the toilet, for us this is wonderful news.”

Not everyone in Sylvania, however, is so pleased.  “There are children on the streets and people living in the junk piles, and we’re buying  bathroom sets?” Grandma Gray Bear complained.  “I think housing should be our priority,” agreed junk pile resident Just Married Brown Rabbit.

“This was a vacation purchase,” insisted Mr. Koala, Sylvanian accountant.  “New shelving is being looked into as we speak, as well as disaster relief.  This was purchased earlier in the summer and only just opened now that the junk pile has been reduced enough to admit it.”

Not all residents are buying the official claim line.  “It’s all very well to claim it was in a previous budget, but there’s definitely corruption in the Sylvanian government,” Mrs. Maple Town Raccoon said.  “Notice, the Koala’s have a nice brand new apartment while we’re still homeless.”

New Erasable School Lunches

School opened on time with the town square getting cleared of both junk and Occupy protesters to make room for the school building (which was blown over in the window incident).  But what has students all excited was not the mayor’s controversial strategy for the building, but the new school lunch eraser set recently purchased at Wal-mart.

“The french fries are nearly as long as my ears!” an excited Rusty Brown Rabbit told reporters.  “I love the Cola-cola,” his friend Walnut Raccoon said. “I’ll be first at school every day just so I can snag it.”  “Its great to have so many choices,” said Thuy Gray Rabbit.  “If I don’t feel like the burger, I can always get the pizza or the hot dog for  change.”

Not everyone is so enthusiastic as the Maple Town School students.  “These are fatty foods and far too large of portions for growing students!” objected Mrs. Honey Bear.  “My children will bring more reasonable lunches from home.”  “Wal-mart will the be the ruination of Sylvania,” complained Mr. Frog, local of the General store.  “Last month we got in a crate of cabbages, a much more appropriate menu for growing young Sylvanians.  Catering to big business like this, letting them get inside our schools, is not a good idea.”

It is unknown what Calico Critters School for the younger grades is serving for lunches.  Mrs. Maple Town Raccon, the school teacher of Maple Town School, and Mr. Owl of Calico Critter School both declined to comment.

First Acorns of the Season Officially In

Mr. Squirrel was pleased to announce that the first acorns of the season are being harvested.  “We’ve got them in all sizes, shapes, and colors so come on out to the town square and take a look.”  The whole squirrel family went acorn collecting last weekend and brought home quite the tasty assortment.

“Acorn caps are also available if you want to make your own cups and bowls,” Mr. Squirrel explained.  “Later in the season we’re hoping to sell pre-made ones as well, but these have just come in.”  Get them while supplies last!

Nanowrimo fireworks and Sylvanian Elephants

Well, despite the chaos, I hit my 50K goal for “A Recipe for Disaster” making it an official Camp Nanowrimo winner.  What does this mean for a novella whose target word count was 25-30K?  Frankly, that I have another actual novel on my hands.  Sigh.  This unexpected novel is also by far the most bizarre one I’ve written, but I’ve decided to just wait and see how revisions go and let it be however long or short it insists on.  Granted, I’m hoping to lose at least 10K cutting out the stream of consciousness notes and there’s a random scene from “The Claypit Banti” at the end of it to fill it out (hold out hope for a new chapters soon my Holy Worlds readers) but I still think this will end up pretty much a chapter book/middle grade novel.  I’m still hoping to release it this fall.

I’ve really enjoyed drafting again and this has been a positive experience, so I’m planning to do this all over again in August.  At the beginning of the year, I took part in the Taleist Self-publishing survey and have been enjoying reading the results.  One of the things I learned was statistically how much better Romance does selling on kindle than Fantasy as a genre.  Basically, on average Romance writers made well above average, while Fantasy writers well below.

Like every author, I have a variety of brand new story ideas of many different sorts, but this got me thinking.  I’m not the sort of person to pick a genre purely for the sake of sales, but picking which ideas to draft or edit first has always been a challenge for me.  If indie publishing and kindle books are favoring Romance stories, did I have any ideas that featured a romance sitting around?  Could I use this statistical information to inspire myself to finish sooner in hopes the book would sell particularly well?  Looking through my lists of previous ideas, I found four that I could categorize as YA Romance, and after rereading those and glancing over the notes and scenes I had for each, I picked one to draft for August Camp Nanowrimo and possibly future indie publication.

I’m hoping to report in next years survey all my success.

But until the month of August, I hope to manage to get some other stuff done first.  Like working on Sylvania.  The Sylvanian housing crisis is still a hard reality of life and all this summer Nanowrimo chaos hasn’t been good for the Sylvania.  All I’ve had time to do is stack cardboard boxes up on each other for temporary housing for a little over half the animals.  I did get a small green shelf second hand to make into a couple homes as well.

The trouble is the upstairs is short on shelving in general.  I have books stacked on the floor and stacks of boxes.  Fortunately, I got a couple of old bedrails to turn into shelves from my parents, but I need to buy cinder blocks to set them up before I can finally get the books off the floor.  I’m hoping after that I can perhaps manage something similar for the rest of Sylvania.

However, despite all logic to the contrary, I just couldn’t resist using my birthday money for this exceedingly cute elephant family.  As a child, my brother and had two elephant children we’d often pretend to be, Timbo and Blotto.  I think we might have gotten the idea of being elephant children from the Babar books.  So, letting other residents wait, I have excited settled the Elephant family into their new quarters.

The boy and girl are of course Timbo and Blotto, and the father’s green jacket makes him a perfect Babar, the mother Celeste (I think that’s the right name).  I haven’t named the three babies yet.  The youngest is just a flocked animal that isn’t a Sylvanian, but fits too nicely for me not to include him.

Also, because cats are awesome, here is Caramel who thinks she lives here.  She’s the landlord’s cat next door (no idea what they call her, but I name all cats I see regularly), but since their relatives used to live here, I think she used to be allowed indoors.  Every time I go out to work on the yard she thinks I’ve arrived to pet her.

Occupy Sylvania

This last week the muse seems to be in hiding, so I’ve devoted more time to unpacking.  The best part of unpacking is working on the Sylvanians.  Since I’ve bought a lot of families since I last set up Sylvania, I realized right away I’d need more furniture.  However, this dictator-for-life of Sylvania has a rather limited amount of spending money at the moment.  Furniture costs per a room as much as a family if you get the actual Sylvanian stuff… and it’s more fun and interesting to buy new families…

Thus we have an over-population problem.  This left me wondering… is furniture a basic right?  I might have a protest on my hands if I don’t do something soon. So, after seeing some of the punch-out furniture for sale on Amazon for a reasonable amount, I thought I might try it.  One of the reviews suggested it was half the price at Michaels, so I waited until we went to Portland, and sure enough, for $5 at Michaels I could buy a kit that lets me make 30 pieces of wooden furniture.  It’s government issue furniture!

It’s a bit small for most of the figures, especially the chairs, but they fit the baby animals, and babies need chairs too, right?  They’re easy to punch out and put together at least, and I plan to paint them before they go in use.

Considering I need somewhere besides Sylvanian Heights to set them up, I took a deep breath and started unpacking the boxes.  What a difference!  Some of Sylvania will definitely be living in style with these couches and beds.  However, the amount of families I stated finding in comparison to the number of houses in the boxes… well, let’s just say the furniture is going to be the least of my problems, whether its an inalienably right or not.

I have as far as housing two schools (Sylvanian 1990s and Maple Town 1980s, a store, five houses and the four Sylvanian Heights apartments.  So, that’s nine places to actually live and… how many families?

I’ve been skittish having a census because I’ve been afraid to find out how many figures are lost!  But I did anyway… and it turns out only four figures are lost out of a population of 224.  I’m not sure if it’s coincidence two of the missing dibbuns (yes, all missing animals are babies) are Spike and Posy, two of the hedgehog quadruplets of Mossflower fame…

Still, population 224, ack!  And that’s divided into about… 35 to 40 family groups depending on who lives with relatives… um, yeah.  Can we say massive house shortage, even if I get out the old beat up My Little Pony house I have yet to unpack and make the two house kits from my mother.

Speaking of which, they are as difficult to deal with as the furniture is easy.  Being older kits, they need to be sanded and glued.  Ack!  It took me all week to come across sandpaper, wood glue, and masking take as the instructions have requested.  I’m still a bit intimidated by the stacks of wood.  Sigh.

But if I don’t get cracking, I have a feeling they Sylvanians will set up a tent settlement on me and start picketing.


Also, I’m having an Easter Sale!  A School for Villains is 0.99 cents for a limited time on Amazon and B&N.

More Moving… and Sylvanian Heights

So, last week blogging (and nothing else) happened due to moving.  Now I’m still living in a sea of boxes, but at least I have a couch and internet, and that’s what counts, right?

In the middle of doing boring things like trying to find the potato peeler or the tray that holds the silverware, I’ve decided to take a few peaceful moments to start unpacking the sylvanians. I  haven’t seen most of them in something like ten years, so it’s almost like getting brand new things.  And having a second bedroom I now have a place to do it.

Now, I should mention, that I have a slightly cynical streak when it comes to Sylvania, and always have.  For example, due to lack of money, some of the families are only partial families… with relatives dead or divorced… and sometimes orphan children that get adopted into unmatching families… but then sometimes when I get the right family for the child, the parent who had the child had to give it up to its proper parents.  Such are the hazards of adoption (I remember the baby Jessica fiasco on the news was happening around this time as a major influence).  And don’t get me started on the not-really-sylvanians-but-off-brand-animal getto, where they get the smaller houses and not as nice furniture.

I remember trying to explain this to some adult who was horrified, and said something to the effect of, in a play world, shouldn’t everything be ideal and perfect?  Why recreate the misery of real life?

Bah!  That’s no fun.

So, as Sylvania forms again… we start off with only the school house, where most (but not all) the refugees were packed.  It was a small and light box, so I was able to grab it (and am still missing most of the other boxes of stuff since they were up in my parent’s attic and didn’t make the moving truck).  Ever since all of Sylvania was destroyed in some epic disaster, everyone has been crowded together, unsure who else had survived, so now they get to come out and see who else has made it.

Many families are incomplete.  Everyone’s worried but the final verdict isn’t in either, so maybe more people have survived.  There’s a few new figures, so they at least can have some happy reunions with their long lost family members.

Now, the only proper house to make it in the initial move, besides the school building, is a shelf my uncle made of cheap apartment housing.  The four shelf levels are divided into two rooms each, with a doorway.  The decorative panel on the shelf is cracked from its years as a bookshelf and moving around, but has survived in decent condition.  Considering I live now on the Hood River “heights,” I decided to rename the whole apartment Sylvanian Heights.

These are very simple accommodations, at the height of Sylvania when I was young, poorer families resided there, but right now are at a premium, as they are the only building available.  So, four families won an apartment by semi-random selection.  I picked two newer families, two older families, and they had to be ones I knew I had all the members to someplace.

The Deer family and the Sugar Bear family won from the new ones, and the Fox and Beagle family from the older ones (1990’s Calico Critters).  Most of them have no furnature, as I only found a few meager pieces, but everyone’s excited to have won the housing lottery.

Everyone else has to camp out by the school house at least until next weekend, at which point hopefully I can talk my husband into believing me the most important items to be brought next are the rest of Sylvania.  The trouble is, the one real doll house, the original one that belongs to my very first family (the Raccoon from the 1980s) is huge.  Its beautiful, but it might not fit this first trip with so many other things still to bring.  Whenever it makes it though, it still belongs to the Raccoon.

The 1% of Sylvania may have to wait a little longer on the refugee list.  I guess money can’t buy you everything right away in this world… a little unrealistic. I have to have a little fantasy somewhere in here, right?