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Chosen Sister now on fictionwise

Chosen Sister Cover Chosen Sister is now available on fictionwise as well as straight from the publisher.  I’m excited to see it’s avialable now in multi-formats to fit most e-book readers.  Also, for a limited time it’ll be on sale as a new release, so check it out.  

Now if only I had an e-book reader… I really want a kindle or something.  They seems really fun and convient.

“Once a Thief” to be in an anthology

My short story “Once a Thief” from the Aug-Oct 2008 issue of Sorcerous Signals (from WolfSinger Publications) has been chosen for the year end anthology.  I’m looking forward to my second short story coming out in print!  While I believe very strongly that web-zines and e-books are the way of the future, I’m still a bit sentimental about old fashioned  print.  Even better, my friends Merc and Marva also have stories in the anthology.  I can’t wait for it to come out!  I’m going to need to send a copies to all my relatives.  Yes, I’m one of those sorts of people.

Still, with such wonderful news, I’m inspired to send out more short stories and novel queries for my other work.  Not even rejection can get me down today.

Chosen Sister Available

CoverMy book is now up on the Wild Child Publishing website.

I’d like to give a big thank you to the wonderful group of people who helped me get this book all the way from conception to publication.  This is this boring credit stuff I usually skim, but after all the wonderful people who helped me,  I know now why people do this.   I don’t care, I’m thanking everyone who helped me with this novel.

First, I want to thank my sister Julie for being the inspiration of this story.  I wrote it for her during Nanowrimo 2006.  Also, thanks the folks at Imaginaries who introduced me to Nanowrimo in the first place.

A big thanks to my brother JP and cousin Caroline for reading early drafts, to the people in Tina’s Nanowrimo queue, especially Angela (Momzilla), Hilary, Judy, and Ester (Eblgorton) who gave me a whole book crit.  Also my brother Leo who did a late line edit with me and my mother for some wonderful final revision ideas.

I also want to thank Marva, Shana, Shelb, and Katie (Megora) for some serious query and marketing help at various key points in pushing me and supporting me in getting into the submission game.  I wouldn’t have started putting myself out there without you.

I want to also thank Marci at Wild Child Publishing for her ever helpful attitude and Stephanie, my brilliant editor.

Finally, I wouldn’t be any good promoting myself without Laurie (Aspiration) who first poked us into starting the Toasted Scimitar and got me into blogging, Wulfie who put this wonderful website together, and Merwriter my publicity coordinator.

I’ve lots of other wonderful people at Critique Circle who’ve been a great help, but I think I’ve rambled enough and covered everyone in regards to this particular novel.  Thanks again to everyone!

Chosen Sister release date set

My e-book Chosen Sister has a release date set for Jan 13th.  

I’m very excited and trying to get the website updated and ready to roll in anticipation.   I’m going to start getting into the habit of regular posts involving news here and getting up some free stuff for my readers, hopefully some online stories and downloadable bookmarks/coloring pages.  I just have to write and draw the stuff… easier said then done.