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More Moving… and Sylvanian Heights

So, last week blogging (and nothing else) happened due to moving.  Now I’m still living in a sea of boxes, but at least I have a couch and internet, and that’s what counts, right?

In the middle of doing boring things like trying to find the potato peeler or the tray that holds the silverware, I’ve decided to take a few peaceful moments to start unpacking the sylvanians. I  haven’t seen most of them in something like ten years, so it’s almost like getting brand new things.  And having a second bedroom I now have a place to do it.

Now, I should mention, that I have a slightly cynical streak when it comes to Sylvania, and always have.  For example, due to lack of money, some of the families are only partial families… with relatives dead or divorced… and sometimes orphan children that get adopted into unmatching families… but then sometimes when I get the right family for the child, the parent who had the child had to give it up to its proper parents.  Such are the hazards of adoption (I remember the baby Jessica fiasco on the news was happening around this time as a major influence).  And don’t get me started on the not-really-sylvanians-but-off-brand-animal getto, where they get the smaller houses and not as nice furniture.

I remember trying to explain this to some adult who was horrified, and said something to the effect of, in a play world, shouldn’t everything be ideal and perfect?  Why recreate the misery of real life?

Bah!  That’s no fun.

So, as Sylvania forms again… we start off with only the school house, where most (but not all) the refugees were packed.  It was a small and light box, so I was able to grab it (and am still missing most of the other boxes of stuff since they were up in my parent’s attic and didn’t make the moving truck).  Ever since all of Sylvania was destroyed in some epic disaster, everyone has been crowded together, unsure who else had survived, so now they get to come out and see who else has made it.

Many families are incomplete.  Everyone’s worried but the final verdict isn’t in either, so maybe more people have survived.  There’s a few new figures, so they at least can have some happy reunions with their long lost family members.

Now, the only proper house to make it in the initial move, besides the school building, is a shelf my uncle made of cheap apartment housing.  The four shelf levels are divided into two rooms each, with a doorway.  The decorative panel on the shelf is cracked from its years as a bookshelf and moving around, but has survived in decent condition.  Considering I live now on the Hood River “heights,” I decided to rename the whole apartment Sylvanian Heights.

These are very simple accommodations, at the height of Sylvania when I was young, poorer families resided there, but right now are at a premium, as they are the only building available.  So, four families won an apartment by semi-random selection.  I picked two newer families, two older families, and they had to be ones I knew I had all the members to someplace.

The Deer family and the Sugar Bear family won from the new ones, and the Fox and Beagle family from the older ones (1990’s Calico Critters).  Most of them have no furnature, as I only found a few meager pieces, but everyone’s excited to have won the housing lottery.

Everyone else has to camp out by the school house at least until next weekend, at which point hopefully I can talk my husband into believing me the most important items to be brought next are the rest of Sylvania.  The trouble is, the one real doll house, the original one that belongs to my very first family (the Raccoon from the 1980s) is huge.  Its beautiful, but it might not fit this first trip with so many other things still to bring.  Whenever it makes it though, it still belongs to the Raccoon.

The 1% of Sylvania may have to wait a little longer on the refugee list.  I guess money can’t buy you everything right away in this world… a little unrealistic. I have to have a little fantasy somewhere in here, right?