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Sylvania: New Arrivals Start Up Businesses

Sylvania 1Last fall Sylvania opened up it’s boarders to allow a wave of new arrivals, fresh from Korea. Two families arrived, the Kangaroos and the Hamsters, and one young kitten by herself. Most of Sylvania was thrilled by the new additions, particularly Ms. Cat who was excited to meet her young niece for the first time. “I’ve got a picnic planned first thing for the two of us,” she told the Sylvanian Times. “Even better, the park has a brand new children’s bathroom, also from Korea.”

“It’s about time our park had new facilities,” Mayor Oak Raccoon said. “These are state of the art, clean and safe especially for our children.”

Other members of Sylvania were less enthusiastic. “Couldn’t we have gone with a local company for the park restroom? We need to be investing in local business,” said Mr. Duck.

Most of the town gathered though to greet the new residents. “I just want to welcome everyone and show them what a great community we are,” said Mr. Chocolate Rabbit. “My children are eager to make new friends, and so are the adults.”

“I think diversity enriches our community,” said Mrs. Elephant. “I’m eager to learn some new recipes from both the Hamsters and the Kangaroos.

Not everyone however felt the size of the celebration was warranted. “I don’t see what the big deal is,” complained Mrs. Brown Bear. “We were all made in China. Who cares what country we were purchased in? I think this encourages prejudice under the false label of diversity.”

Hop for Pizza

Sylvania 3Despite just arriving, the Kangaroos are wasting no time in opening up a new business in Sylvania–the Hope for Pizza restaurant. It might seem a strange choice but the Kangroos are happy to explain. “While you don’t necessarily think pizza when you think Korea, let me assure you there’s plenty of pizza in Korea,” Mr. Kangaroo said. “My teacher was an Italian rabbit, so I know pizza inside and out, but over the years pizza has become a truly international cuisine.” Mr. Kangarooo suggests trying their special sweet potato pizza. “It’s a great Korean specialty that I think could really catch on here in Sylvania.”

“In Korea, pizza is always served with pickles,” Mrs. Kangaroo added. “I’d challenge people here to try it. It’s far more delicious than the raw tomato slices people serve it with here.” The Kangaroos still offer such Sylvanian classics as pepperoni, cheese, and Canadian bacon pizza, along with extra tomato for those who still like them.

No Paw Left Behind

Sylvania 2The Hamsters, the other newcomers, have also arrived with their very own new business–a shoe shop. The small store is currently right next door to Hop for Pizza, with both families going in on housing to get started, but everyone is hopeful that the new year will soon see them expanding. “Looking around, I see a lot of bare paws in Sylvania,” said Mrs. Hamster. “I think our shoes will be greatly appreciated. We have a wide range of styles currently stocked with my husband working away on yet more great footwear.”

Many residence, like Mrs. Badger are enthusiastic. “My daughter and I have both wanted shoes for ages,” she said. “And my husband will be pleased to finally have work boots.”

Her son, Wintergreen Badger however had other ides. “Who needs shoes? I’d rather have pizza.”

Either way, both new businesses will brighten Sylvania’s future.