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Living Air Purifiers

New plantsThere’s no nice way to say it… the new apartment stinks. At first I thought it was the carpet smelled like pet… then I wondered if a previous owner smoked, but my husband who smells a lot clearer than I do found the main source: the wood around the sliding glass door reeks of some weird chemical scent. Perhaps they used something as a sealant or an extermination spray… whatever it is, it’s stinky.

That naturally has my husband look at indoor air filters, while my reaction was to always open the sliding door and run a fan every moment I’m home. However, in his research, my husband discovered a delightful fact: NASA discovered some houseplants naturally purify the air.

Now if that isn’t a wonderful excuse to go out and buy a bunch of houseplants, I don’t know what is!plants 2

I love the idea of houseplants, and over the years I’ve kept a couple of them alive, but mostly small things. I’d managed to keep a Christmas Cactus, a philodendron (which split into two), and an African Violet alive most recently in Hood River. However, with the husbandly backing and a buy one get the second one half off deal at Fred Myers, we went on an indoor plant spree.

Looking over this list on wikipedia and this nice gallery of photos, we wrote down the ones that take the least light (since the apartment is pretty dim), and headed out, returning with eight lovely plants. If they live, I’m all for doubling it, really. The greener the better and it can’t hurt the air in here.

Although, note, we currently are petless and childless and a lot of these plants, including my fabulous Peace Lily can be poisonous. We picked the ones noted for doing the best job on the air, but wikipedia also lists whether they’re poisonous or not.

Now, next on my list, the fact all the cats in the neighborhood think the spot right next to our door is a litter box. Sigh. That’s not helping our air quality either. I’m thinking some plants in large buckets/planters with rocks around the base of it all, which will hopefully discourage everyone from pooping there.

Ah, apartment living!  Just what everyone aspires to, isn’t it?