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5 star review for Chosen Sister

E-book It Reviews has given me a very uplifting 5 star review on “Chosen Sister.”  It feels wonderful to have someone really understand what I was going for with the novel and I’m really excited a kid got to enjoy it.

One thing that’s been a bit frustrating with e-books is how few kids have readers yet, but I’m hoping that will keep shifting and more and more kids will be reading e-books.

A fascinating article on e-books

My publisher sent me a link to this great article on e-books.  Being the author of an e-book, I’m quite interested in the future of the industry.  I was fascinated at the challenges to the market and the history presented in the article.  I hope we can all encourage the publishing of more material as e-books, because I think it can only encourage more people to read and write in the long run.  

Yes, I like hard-copy books as much as the next person.  Curling up with an e-book reader or a laptop just isn’t quite the same.  Yet, like most people, I do the majority of my reading on screen doing exactly that–curling up with the laptop.  Between blogs, e-mail, critques, writing, and catching up on my favorite websites and online magazines, I’m quite used to reading and having fun doing digitally.  When I need copies of older books, obscure French epic poetry and the like, I’m perfectly happy to find them online.  Despite my love of paperback, I’m also following the general trend and opening up my fiction enjoyment in other medium.

I really enjoyed this article’s thorough disecting of the common complaints and issues around e-books.  Electronic forms of novels only add to our flexibility as readers.  For example,  one of my very busy readers read my novel on her blackberry.  I’m encouraged by the growing interest in other ways of getting our daily doses of fiction.