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Sylvania: Unnatural Disaster Strikes Again

Sylvanian disasterOutpost House Set Up Only to be Decimated

This weekend a small section of Sylvania was removed from storage and set up in a house acquired during the move.  A few select residents were hopeful their friends and family would soon join them only to be shocked when a young child arrived to play with them.  Total chaos ensued as residents were stripped of their clothing and forced into outfits that didn’t fit them.  Furniture was scattered everywhere and left in a pile on the floor and non-resident troll dolls were mixed interchangeably with Sylvanian residents.

“Whatever Toy Story promotes, getting played with is not something I’ve Sylvanian residentsmissed,” Grandmother Gray Rabbit complained.  “I do not equate scratches, scrapes, and nakedness with love.” “My custom clothing was destroyed,”  bemoaned Mr. Brown Rabbit.  “These were carefully handmade items that are irreplaceable. I demand compensation.” Plans to sew new outfits are in motion, but residents fear this is far too little too late.  “I don’t expect anything that equals what I’ve lost,” Mr. Brown Rabbit explained.  “Especially my felt black hat.”

Not all residents were discouraged.  Young Bill Gray Bear shrugged off the loss of his over stretched vest and broken overalls.  “My stuff was really lousy.  I was on the list for new clothes anyway.  And I had fun playing.”

the other residentsPrejudice Investigated in Play Terror Incident

Mrs. Maple Town Raccoon in the wake of the child’s departure has filed a discrimination suit against the owner of Sylvania.  “While Maple Town residents make up a small section of the population of Slyvania, my two daughters, Matthias Mouse, and I were picked out of all of Sylvania, along with Mrs. Cat, of another brand, while only four actual Sylvanians were thrown into this situation.  Obviously the owner cared less what happened to us than to other residents.  This is not a privileged but a crime!”

“All four of us have been deeply scarred and scraped over the years, myself in particular,” Grandmother Gray Rabbit added.  “No new or previously before unplayed with residents were subjected to this indignity!  There is definitely a biased against those of us who have already been abused.”

No comment was available from the owner.

Trolls Speak UpTroll family

Four classic troll dolls and Simba from the “Lion King” were also given temporary residence  in the house and joined in the play-tastrophie.  However, they had a very different view on the matter.  “I was always a collector’s item,” Mama Troll said.  “Being played with his an honor and we all had a blast.”  “We just love having our clothing taken on and off. It’s made to be taken on and off,” chorused the Pink and Purple Troll twins.  “I think the Sylvania’s are making this into a far bigger deal than it is,” offered Paddy Troll.  “It’s all very well for him,” responded Mr. Brown Rabbit.  “His shoes are permanently attached!”

When asked to comment on the whole situation, Simba’s only thought on the matter was, “I just can’t wait to be king.”

Sylvania: Into Storage and a New Clothing Program

ShowhouseFurther Unnatural Disaster Decimates Sylvania

A casualty to the unnatural disaster of unemployment, the town of Sylvania was obliterated last month.  Residences packed up and all housing was carefully boxed up.  “We’re crushed and disheartened,” said Mrs. Calico Cat said, before packing up her kittens into one of the fabric lined boxes set aside for residents to go into storage.

“Sylvania will be back, as soon as we find a new location,” Promised Mayor Walnut Raccoon, but some residents are not so sure.  “While I’m sure Sylvania will be back eventually, I doubt it’s the owner’s first priority,” said Mr. Chocolate Brown Rabbit.  “We’re being very carefully packed up, this means possibly a long term wait.”  “There’s too many variables, we can’t count on a new town right away,” agreed Mr. Mint Badger.  “We have to be prepared for the worst.”  “Out of sight, out of mind,” grumbled Mrs. Apricot Beaver.  “We’re likely to get forgotten.”

Sylvania will not be complete out of sight though, as the oldest and most treasured house, that of the Raccoon family, and original founding residence of the town has been set up in on top of the owner’s dresser to keep the house safe and a piece of Sylvania around.  Mayor Walnut Raccoon would not comment on the reasons for his family’s choice to continue to live in the house, but longtime friend Mr. Chocolate Brown Rabbit insisted, “The Raccoon were the original founders of Sylvania, and this has always been there house.  This is no surprised they were chosen.”

Showhouse livingroomClothing Program Keeps Select Group of Residents Out of Storage

A new program for Sylvania residents still without adiquate clothing was started in the wake of Sylvania’s move.  “We didn’t want people to have to wait through another moving process before finally getting the clothing they needed,” explained the program’s spokeswoman, Mrs. Blueberry Gray Bear.  “And thanks to Mrs. Maple Raccoon, members in this program have a place to stay while awaiting clothing.”showhouse kitchen

Six residents were chosen for the program, Mr. Tragic Bear, Breeze and Sandy Gray Rabbit, Alex Gray Bear, Royal Grizzly Bear and Amanda Tan Bear.  They will live with the Raccoon family in the showcase home, awaiting either brand new clothing or repairs on existing clothing.

“I’m really excited,” said Breeze Gray Rabbit.  “My skirt doesn’t fit right and my shirt was really badly made.  I can’t wait to have a brand new dress.”  Alex, youngest of the group admitted to being nervous about living away from his family.  “I kinda miss Mom and Grandma, but I’d really like new overalls like my brother got last year,” he admitted.  “Walnut and Sandy are really nice to me, so I’m starting to feel at home.”  “It’s great to have friends staying with us,” said Clover Raccoon.  “I’m so excited.  Breeze, Amanda, and I have so many great plans.  I just wish I was getting a new dress as well.”

showhouse bedroom

“It’s a joy to have the children and Tragic staying with us,” said Mrs. Maple Raccoon.  “I can’t wait to see their new clothes.”

Occupy Sylvania

This last week the muse seems to be in hiding, so I’ve devoted more time to unpacking.  The best part of unpacking is working on the Sylvanians.  Since I’ve bought a lot of families since I last set up Sylvania, I realized right away I’d need more furniture.  However, this dictator-for-life of Sylvania has a rather limited amount of spending money at the moment.  Furniture costs per a room as much as a family if you get the actual Sylvanian stuff… and it’s more fun and interesting to buy new families…

Thus we have an over-population problem.  This left me wondering… is furniture a basic right?  I might have a protest on my hands if I don’t do something soon. So, after seeing some of the punch-out furniture for sale on Amazon for a reasonable amount, I thought I might try it.  One of the reviews suggested it was half the price at Michaels, so I waited until we went to Portland, and sure enough, for $5 at Michaels I could buy a kit that lets me make 30 pieces of wooden furniture.  It’s government issue furniture!

It’s a bit small for most of the figures, especially the chairs, but they fit the baby animals, and babies need chairs too, right?  They’re easy to punch out and put together at least, and I plan to paint them before they go in use.

Considering I need somewhere besides Sylvanian Heights to set them up, I took a deep breath and started unpacking the boxes.  What a difference!  Some of Sylvania will definitely be living in style with these couches and beds.  However, the amount of families I stated finding in comparison to the number of houses in the boxes… well, let’s just say the furniture is going to be the least of my problems, whether its an inalienably right or not.

I have as far as housing two schools (Sylvanian 1990s and Maple Town 1980s, a store, five houses and the four Sylvanian Heights apartments.  So, that’s nine places to actually live and… how many families?

I’ve been skittish having a census because I’ve been afraid to find out how many figures are lost!  But I did anyway… and it turns out only four figures are lost out of a population of 224.  I’m not sure if it’s coincidence two of the missing dibbuns (yes, all missing animals are babies) are Spike and Posy, two of the hedgehog quadruplets of Mossflower fame…

Still, population 224, ack!  And that’s divided into about… 35 to 40 family groups depending on who lives with relatives… um, yeah.  Can we say massive house shortage, even if I get out the old beat up My Little Pony house I have yet to unpack and make the two house kits from my mother.

Speaking of which, they are as difficult to deal with as the furniture is easy.  Being older kits, they need to be sanded and glued.  Ack!  It took me all week to come across sandpaper, wood glue, and masking take as the instructions have requested.  I’m still a bit intimidated by the stacks of wood.  Sigh.

But if I don’t get cracking, I have a feeling they Sylvanians will set up a tent settlement on me and start picketing.


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