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“A Recipe for Disaster” Cover Preview

Well, I didn’t post last week because I was on vacation at the Oregon Coast with family.  I had a fantastic time, but caught a cold, which has slowed me down this week.  However, my artist has just finished my cover for my new book, and I’m really excited about it, so here it is!

We wanted to catch an “eww” expression on Cal’s face while mixing up the disaster.  I think that does that perfectly.  We also wanted something that would be connected to “A School for Villains” but not so similar that it would get mistaken for the sequel.  This novel is in the same “world” (or rather multiverse in this case since its a multi-dimensional world) as the Dark Lord Academy books, but is a completely separate cast of characters.

I can’t afford inside art as of yet, but I’m hoping that if the book does well I can add chapter headings or a couple of interiors eventually.  I’m planning to put this out in both print and e-book format, although it’ll be a shorter, chapter book, rather than a full length middle grade novel.

I’m currently in revisions in my group Critique Circle, after which I have to find an editor I can afford (my wonderful editor from my last book appears to have moved on and is no longer editing indie books).  I’m hoping for a fall release date in October or November and will keep that updated.  It’ll depend on how revisions and edits go.