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This Month in Sylvania: Delayed Holidays Irk Residents

New Housing Eases Homeless Crisis

After months of delays, substantial shelving arrived last month in Sylvania as housing.  Temporary homes, two families per a shelf, were set up, including newly acquired vintage plastic furniture.  The lime green bathroom set and seventies style chairs fit with the shelf’s bright orange color.  “It’s exciting to finally have a place to sit down and eat, a place to put the children to bed.  We’re grateful to have an apartment here,” said Mrs Yolanda Bear.

Not all residents were so upbeat about the development though. “It’s a hideous dated monstracity,” complained Mrs Celeste Elephant. “Its shelves are too tall for one story, not tall enough for two.  Families live cramped together with no walls.  Housing like this only encourages poverty.”  “This is a start,” Wintergreen Badger added, “but there’s still people homeless or living in cardboard boxes like my own family.  The city needs to step up efforts. It’s unacceptable.”

“We’re making an effort to get every family a home this winter,” Mayor Oak Raccoon announced Saturday to reporters. “The Orange Apartments are a big step forward, providing six new families with homes. So is the new fire station, offering temporary shelter to the homeless.  We’ve also acquired a small brown shelf which is soon to be fitted out as several more apartments. ”

Some residents were not reassured.  “Why is the city spending money that could be used on actual homes on a fire station?” demanded Ms Priscilla Guinea Pig. “I want a home, not a homeless shelter. It’s far too crowded and noisy an environment for my babies.”  “They have this new shelf, and what do they use it for?” complained Ms Claudia Cat. “And what do they use it for? Storing extra food and furniture? Three or four families could live there! More if they’d get their act together and put in a third shelf on it.”

Late Christmas Celebration Popular Only with Children

A delayed Christmas did not improve tempers.  “So our owner just goes off for a week’s vacation, leaving us without even a Christmas tree?  How’s that for justice?” complained Mr Chocolate Rabbit.  “The children were horribly crushed and disappointed ” Mr Tragic Bear, father of six orphans, lamented, “Everyone is disgusted.  Who is she? The Grinch?”

Despite complaints, a large crowd turned out for a delayed Christmas tree and the arrival of Santa Bear.  “Ho ho ho, a Merry New Year,” Santa Bear quipped, passing out toys to the children.

New Dentist Sets up Office

Expanded housing opened up a small business space for Dr Beaver to open up his dental practice, and none too soon for young Susan Squirrel who needed an emergency filling.  “We’re just relieved this happened now,” said Susan’s mother.  “Dr Beaver is always great with the children, of course he would have done his best at home, but a clean and sanitary office means our children can get the best care available.

Congratulations to Ms Cat

Ms Cat brought home two brand new kittens this Christmas. Samson and Delilah Cat were happily settled with their accompanied bedroom set, including bed, dresser, toy chest, toys, and diapers   “I’ve always wanted kittens!” an excited Ms Cat gushed. “I’m so proud.”


A Busy Christmas, Goals for the New Year, and Nayu’s review

I’ve naturally fallen behind on the blogging again with all the holiday fanfare, but I had a lovely Christmas yesterday.  It’s been great to see both families.  This year Ben’s family had their Christmas celebration on Sunday, which meant we got to spend longer with both families.  While that means it took more days out of my schedule and regular things like writing and blogging, I found I preferred it for getting to spend more time with each family.  We didn’t have to rush anywhere on Christmas itself and could pace ourselves better.

It’s not even quite over, since I still have one sister who couldn’t make it until today, so I get one more day of festivities.  There’s talk of going to the Hobbit, which I haven’t seen and hope to soon, and I wouldn’t mind some shopping while we’re in Portland either.  So I may just take off the whole week, really.

Then I’ll be able to gear up for this next year. At least I have clear goals.  My first and main one is marketing.  I’m going to get serious about learning how. I have several pages of advice and a list of review sites from my editor, and one of my friends has promised to give me lessons for the rest of it.  What I hope to achieve is a whole attitude make-over.  By the end of next year, I want to from being one of those “I hate marketing” people to a “I just love telling people about my book and marketing is easy and fun” people.

Is that possible? I don’t really know… but it’s worth a try, right?  There’s much debate on how much our likes and dislikes are chosen vs just happening.  I have a pretty steep challenge here, since I tend to get anxious in social situations, but in the end, if I can change it, I’ll enjoy myself a whole lot more.  It’s the one part of being an author I don’t enjoy right now.  Even line edits or formatting I can get into once I get going, so it’d definitely be a step in the right direction of my larger goal of being the happiest person I know. (Honestly, life is too short to waste it being miserable, right? And since I can’t make anyone else happy, I might as well work on myself.)

I have several writing focused goals.  The first is to rewrite “Dragon Boy.”  This book is close to my heart and I feel I’m finally ready to do it justice and write the definitive version.  I’ve received for Christmas “The Breakout Novel Workbook” which I plan to use to go over the novel and look for ways to improve it.  I’ve made that a two year goal though, because I want to take my time and because I still want to finish and release “Much Ado About Villains” as well.  That’s my second writing goal.  I’ll also need to earn the money for the art for that… I’d like to get it fully illustrated like book one.  But I think that’ll be doable in the coming year.

Then, I’d like to submit “Revenge of the Voiceless” first to Amazon’s contest, and then to a few other publishers until I find a publisher.  As it’s a full-length adult novel, I feel I need the support of a publisher for that one, and I’m willing to take the time it needs to find the right one.

And, best of all, Nayu’s Reading Corner has my first review of “A Recipe for Disaster” up!  Check it out.