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Going for Print

I’ve been debating if it’s worth making POD copies of my novels available.  According to my contract, after “Chosen Sister” has been out a year (it’s been out 2 years) I have that option.  At first I didn’t think it was worth it, but over the past year I’ve re-evaluated the circumstances.  For one thing, lots of children still read middle grade novels in print.  Also, book fairs and other real life events support print copies better than e-books.  I’d enjoy trying to create some local events, or perhaps read to children in schools, even if I’m not sure how to set these things up.

So, the last couple of months I’ve taught myself how to format a book for print, something very different than making an e-book, hired a cover artist (I can’t use my publisher’s cover and reviewers wants something more middle-grade themed anyway), and got cracking on making print copies.  I learned when I finally held the proof copy in my hands, that it actually does mean something different to my old fashioned mind to hold a paperback book, then to have a pdf on my computer screen.  Wow it felt good.  It makes me really glad I did this.

I’m also in love with JP’s cover for the book.  It captures the humorous tone of the book perfectly and suggests the reader age is 9-12, which is really the best audience for this novel.  Today I finished up looking it over and “Chosen Sister” is now available at Create Space for $9.99 in print.  In a few weeks it will come available on Amazon and other distribution sites.  I’ll make an announcement when those go through.

Now I just have to get “A School for Villains” finished up in the print edition and I’ll be set to crash some book fairs and farmer’s markets locally!  Until then though, there’s e-copies available at AmazonB&N, and Smashwords.

Also, once I get all the site up-dated, I’ll get a non-advertising blog post up this week as well.

5 star review for Chosen Sister

E-book It Reviews has given me a very uplifting 5 star review on “Chosen Sister.”  It feels wonderful to have someone really understand what I was going for with the novel and I’m really excited a kid got to enjoy it.

One thing that’s been a bit frustrating with e-books is how few kids have readers yet, but I’m hoping that will keep shifting and more and more kids will be reading e-books.

Mythological Animals in Chosen Sister

I’ve always had a fondness for mythological animals. When I set out to write Chosen Sister, I knew I wanted the story to center around a unicorn, my favorite mythological animal as a young child. I think to be precise, it was a unicorn pegasus that I liked best, but I chose the classic unicorn for this coming of age story.

I wanted the rest of the world to match, and so when I thought about what sort of evil animals might fit with the mythology, my mind went to harpies. I first studied harpies in school connected to Greek mythology, animals half-bird, half-human, who would snatch people and devour them. One of my favorite stories as a child, “Ronia the Robber’s Daughter” featured them, and the harpies in Chosen Sister are loosely based on the harpies in that book.

To fill out the Red Wizard’s minions though, I added a few animals of my own. Growing up, we had a book called “Curious Woodcuts of Fanciful and Real Beasts”, a book filled with beasts drawn in the middle ages. Often the artists would put together several features from different animals to create new monsters. We loved pouring over the book and drawing our own versions. My mind went back to this and I invented snakewolves, sharkgators, and bathawks to terrorize my characters.

Wanting something a little more fierce and terrible, I decided to return to “real” mythological animals at one point and added manticores, which have a lion body, a human head, shark teeth, and a scorpion tail. In considering how to fight these animals, I pictured them as probably the most dangerous of the Red Wizard’s beast.

Here is a newly expanded post of Reina’s first fight with the harpies.


Review on Nayu’s Reading Corner

Nayuleska has give Chosen Sister a 9 out of 10 at Nayu’s Reading Corner.  I really like her way of suggesting other similar books at the bottom because I haven’t read either of those and they look great.  It makes me think I should try to list out all my favorite books with fun sibling relationships.

As the oldest of eight children, my ups and downs with my brothers and sisters growing up is something I remember quite well.  I like stories that show those sorts of family relationships and explore them, one reason I came up with the whole idea for “Chosen Sister”.  When one of my younger brothers or sisters got to do something special I was always jealous, but easily moved to be protective if they ran into trouble.  While I grew up with stories like Joseph and his brother’s in the bible, I could never imagine of being so jealous of my own brothers and sisters that I would want to harm them like that.  I feel like most older sisters and brothers would be more inclined, despite the disappointment of not getting the special treatment, to look out for their younger siblings.  I had fun exploring the emotions and limits of that though in my novel.

Good Book Alert Reviews Chosen Sister

Cindy Borgne at Good Book Alert has give Chosen Sister four stars.  This wonderful blog, started by members who also belong to the same excellent writing workshop site I do (Critique Circle), has also reviewed a number of novels I’ve critiqued and greatly enjoyed.   Their comments are insightful and the blog well worth following.

I do have to agree that the 9-13 aged crowd was my audience.  As lovely as the cover is, I can see their point that it might look more like it was aimed at teenagers, but it’s my publisher’s decision to go with it.  I’ll keep it in mind though since I’m looking to offer print copies of the novel hopefully in a few months.


Chosen Sister now on fictionwise

Chosen Sister Cover Chosen Sister is now available on fictionwise as well as straight from the publisher.  I’m excited to see it’s avialable now in multi-formats to fit most e-book readers.  Also, for a limited time it’ll be on sale as a new release, so check it out.  

Now if only I had an e-book reader… I really want a kindle or something.  They seems really fun and convient.

Chosen Sister Available

CoverMy book is now up on the Wild Child Publishing website.

I’d like to give a big thank you to the wonderful group of people who helped me get this book all the way from conception to publication.  This is this boring credit stuff I usually skim, but after all the wonderful people who helped me,  I know now why people do this.   I don’t care, I’m thanking everyone who helped me with this novel.

First, I want to thank my sister Julie for being the inspiration of this story.  I wrote it for her during Nanowrimo 2006.  Also, thanks the folks at Imaginaries who introduced me to Nanowrimo in the first place.

A big thanks to my brother JP and cousin Caroline for reading early drafts, to the people in Tina’s Nanowrimo queue, especially Angela (Momzilla), Hilary, Judy, and Ester (Eblgorton) who gave me a whole book crit.  Also my brother Leo who did a late line edit with me and my mother for some wonderful final revision ideas.

I also want to thank Marva, Shana, Shelb, and Katie (Megora) for some serious query and marketing help at various key points in pushing me and supporting me in getting into the submission game.  I wouldn’t have started putting myself out there without you.

I want to also thank Marci at Wild Child Publishing for her ever helpful attitude and Stephanie, my brilliant editor.

Finally, I wouldn’t be any good promoting myself without Laurie (Aspiration) who first poked us into starting the Toasted Scimitar and got me into blogging, Wulfie who put this wonderful website together, and Merwriter my publicity coordinator.

I’ve lots of other wonderful people at Critique Circle who’ve been a great help, but I think I’ve rambled enough and covered everyone in regards to this particular novel.  Thanks again to everyone!

Chosen Sister release date set

My e-book Chosen Sister has a release date set for Jan 13th.  

I’m very excited and trying to get the website updated and ready to roll in anticipation.   I’m going to start getting into the habit of regular posts involving news here and getting up some free stuff for my readers, hopefully some online stories and downloadable bookmarks/coloring pages.  I just have to write and draw the stuff… easier said then done.