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Quarter Finalist on Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

“A School for Villains” is a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.   I got two very helpful and friendly reviews from the Vine Reviewers and I was quite pleased.  I’m also thoroughly bouncy about the idea of getting my first professional review from Publishers Weekly.  Too bad April 24 is so long away!

Here’s a bit about my novel:

Thirteen-year-old Danny is astounded when his father decides to send him to Dark Lord Academy to learn to be a villain. Pa claims it will make him stand out and fulfill his own lost childhood dreams. Being evil doesn’t appeal to Danny, but he’s always been a good and obedient son, so he goes.Dark Lord Academy’s not just unappealing, it’s downright terrible. His advisor dyes Danny’s blond hair black and changes his name to the unpronounceable Zxygrth. He can’t get the hang of maniacal laughter, his second-in-command servant is a puke-colored monkey, and the cafeteria lady enjoys serving stewed cockroaches or fried bat wings. A run in with a hero results in hate mail and he gets caught up in a rivalry with the school bully. Danny’s determined to get expelled, but when he accidentally kills Professor Screkvox, his History teacher, he’s given an award instead.Screkvox, revived by the professor of Necromancy, is now out for revenge and a failing grade in History hardly qualifies. The only way for Danny to stay alive is to find his inner villain.

Here’s some snippets of what my reviewers had to say:

“The light, slightly tongue in cheek tone of this excerpt is fun and a joy to read. This is a great twist on Hogwarts and why shouldn’t there be an academy for villains? Love the details–like the the Dark Lord Academy’s brochure, only first, third and seventh sons need apply to the hero academy, and that it’s twice as expensive.”

“The novel concerns The Dark Lord Academy, a school for villains set in a mythological, perhaps parallel universe. Danny, a young thirteen year old boy, stumbles across a recruiting pamplet for the Academy. The pamphlet is hilarious. It dispels Dark Lord myths one by one in the manner one would normally see from a snake oil salesman. If this novel keeps up and further develops the funny tone, and avoids taking itself too seriously, the novel will be a funny read.”

An excerpt is now available for download on Amazon Kindle as well!