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Ninja vs Aliens

I’ve always had a soft spot for those little machines you put coins in by the doorway of the grocery store.  Granted, the excitement wondering what you’re going to get is about five times more fun than the actual object you get, but now and then you get something really fun.  I used to collect the football helmets as a kid (in those days only 25 cents, now they’re 50 cents… doesn’t that make me feel old).

In varies places I’ve lived I use them as incentives to get myself to walk places. I’ve found some pretty good ones, with little animals, saints, or those little picture bracelets.  When I don’t have that as an excuse, I’ll reward myself for grocery shopping if I see anything that looks particularly good.  Lately they’ve had aliens for 25 cents at Winco.  Why these aliens are all holding sport utensils (golf club, baseball bat, tennis racket) I don’t know.  Either they were out of ray guns or it’s a sinister plot to infiltrate organized sports.  In any case, I now have three of them.

Then yesterday at a Chinese restaurant I spied an unmarked little machine, not one of the organized chain ones you see at the store, with what looked like very random, and possibly quite good contents.  Ignoring the husband eye roll, I got out a quarter and took a chance—and got what has to be the coolest thing I’ve gotten out of a little machine in a long time.


An extra cool rather rubbery ninja with two knives.  I was very excited.  He can now defeat the invading sports aliens and possibly save all the little rainbow animals was collecting before if I can find them.  They got lost in the move.

If I can come up with a good one, I will write all four of them a story.  Either that or they will happily distract me from getting stuck on my current work in progress.